This is my journey as I return to school and work in a profession I once dabbled in as a means for funding an after college 7 year long ski trip...not as a viable career choice. I hope I entertain, enlighten and learn something from any readers I may attract.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Menu for a mid July gathering

As promised, this is lowdown on what I will serve this weekend.

Hors d'ouvres:
Grits dip with blue tortilla chips
This is another signature dish that unbelievably was on the frequently requested list during my tenure out west. Recipe to follow

Lime and blue cheese slaw

Lime chicken grilled
Easiest marinade in the world! Recipe to follow.

Grilled summer squash and carrots or silver queen corn (nothing but nothing beats fresh silver queen corn, brother!)

I'm thinking some roasted tarragon lime potatoes (credit Ruhlman's discussion about herbs for that one)

Grilled bananas with vanilla ice cream and a strawberry sauce

There is alot of grilled stuff on the menu, but considering I am a charcoal girl (take that Hank Hill) I really like to get maximum use. I also love my little porch, and would rather entertain out there weather permitting than spend time inside over a stove.

Grits Appetizer
1 cup grits
2 cups milk
3/4 cup sundried tomato pesto
1- 1/2 cups Cheddar cheese

Prepare grits using milk in lieu of water. End result should be creamy but not wet. Stir in pesto and 1 cup cheese. Transfer to oven safe serving dish, cover mixture with remaining cheese, and brown. I usually serve it with blue tortilla chips for the color contrast.

Chicken Marinade
1 can of limeaide
tbsp minced garlic
tbsp oregano
I hate to use a Rachel Ray word, but I am not a pastry chef concerned with exact numbers. Eyeball it. I usually marinate my bird for at least a couple hours. Tenders work good for skewers for a barbeque party when you want something besides burgers and dogs.


ArtfulSub said...

Interesting dishes. Are you going to to J&W Charleston?


CarolinaGirl said...

they pulled out of town a couple years ago. Now they serve Charlotte.