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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The best episode ever!

In the all things Simpsons theme this week, I want to tell you about my favorite episode. During the tenth season, the Simpsons rescued a diving horse. Upon realizing the incredible expense just to feed "Duncan" they must find a way to generate cash. They find Duncan a gig racing but his killer instinct is missing. So, they do a makeover. Duncan becomes "Furious D" a racehorse with a bad ass attitude. Think Dennis Rodman, they brand him, dye his mane, and give him a nose ring (actually, Lisa's bracelet) He becomes the bad boy of racing, and starts to win. This does not settle well with the other jockeys, and in grand Groening style, a musical errupts as Homer visits jockeyland (in a tree) and finds out the jockeys are all little freaks who hate outsiders. In the end, Furious D of course wins the big race and gets his pick of phillies.One really cool thing about this episode..... The first showing ever has music during one race that implies Cake's hit The Distance, All airings after that use the actual song.

only 3 days left!!!!

Name the Jazzman Lisa mourned.

Yesterday's answer: Homer

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