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Monday, July 16, 2007

Date night dinner

Saturday, I visited a great butcher shop, Ted's. I just love steak, and being my father's only child to actually live with him after the divorce, I love my grill. We made big plans to celebrate a friend's birthday yesterday, but he backed out and we were tired. So tonight is sorta date night. Normally filet is not on the menu on some random Monday. However due to the beauty of the meat I simply cannot will not freeze them for another day. I am not a big fan of thawed meat anyways, and to be honest the freezer is an abyss where some things never see the light of day again once they've gone in. That is until the offending frozen object falls out onto my foot. Then it is banished for good. So back to the steak, we frequent a restaurant that serves boursin on their filets. It is a delicous alternative to the tried and true Bernaise. I did a little checking and after finding it at local grocery stores for about $7.00 for 8 ounces, decided to experiment. A former employer and I were chatting and after comparing her recipe with other ones I'd come across I found a formula that works for our tastes. Since I really have no rant today, I thought I'd share with you how I do it for way less than grocery store prices. Like all things culinary, this is just what we like. The formula is basic, and of course you can tweak the herbs you use and make it your own....

4 oz cream cheese
4 oz butter
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp tarragon
1 tsp shallot minced
squirt lemon juice
Mix together and use salt and pepper to taste
It is imperitive you use butter not margarine, as the margarine seems to coat the tongue, inhibiting the herb taste.
Sometimes, I use a mix of oregano, basil, dill, rosemary, and garlic for a more "traditional" boursin.
This is a great toy.... play with the flavors to find a combination you like.

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