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Sunday, July 22, 2007

How do you do ribs?

Barbeque is a very personal thing that raises passions in the most passive people. Everyone will tell you their kind of barbeque is The Best. Texans prefer beef barbeque with a sort of tomato based sauce, while southerners revere the pig. This is about all we can agree on, the vehicle of sauce delivery. Born and raised in South Carolina, I believe in my heart of hearts that mustard based sauce is the best way to go. North Carolinians are fans of the vinegar based stuff. In a house divided, the cook wins. Since my husband is not allowed to cook, I win. Not that he doesn't always have a choice, seeing as how we brought back 3 bottles of sauce the last time we visited the mountains. Luckily, he doesn't make me fix him his, but I would.
My method for fixing ribs is fairly straightforward. I cheat by boiling them through the danger zone in water with pickling spices. Next I soak them in sauce briefly then grill them for about 7 minutes on each side painting them with sauce after flipping. I then use some reserved sauce and give them one last onceover at service.
We usually take advantage of the warm grill, often cooking corn or other veggies on the grill as sides. Of course, the grill is often a valuable tool for preparing a most excellent bananna split for desert. Just remember to leave the peel on while cooking, it makes handling that much easier. Grilled pineapples are also great garnish for pina coladas or homemade ice cream.

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