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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pubic enemy number one...Tony The Tiger

Work is going very well. I actually love my job. No rants 'bout that.I am not in school this summer, so until I try to get in the classes I need , no rant there either.

  • I do have something to talk about. I am sickened to hear that Kellogg's will quit marketing to children. What? Because they advertise their wares to the Sat. morning cartoon crowd, they are the devil. Hmmm When did a cartoon charecter peddling cereal become such a big deal? Is it the litigous society we live in that makes them fear lawsuit from 200 lbs Sally, the fourth grader and her parents? Or is it even more vile than that? Poeple are being freaks these days, please save me from myself! Why the hell can't a kid have cereal once in a while? Moms of the 70's were all over us fixing our own breakfast when we woke up at dark thirty on Saturdays. Standard procedure was Be Quiet, Fix cereal (usually out with an appropriately sized bowl so we didn't have to climb on the counters), Be Quiet, Go to Den and Quietly watch cartoons. We also had parents who let us eat cookie dough, and drink from the hose and curfew was "dark." I digress. People who blame marketing for obese kids are missing the point. Last I heard, parents were still responsible for teaching their children. I failed to get the memo when that changed. I mean, what are parents held accountable for these days?

I think it is rediculous that people honestly think that businesses are to blame for the lack of judgement used by so called reasonable adults. When did the kids become the bosses? If you cannot serve a balanced diet for your child at least 5 days a week, then maybe you need help. Seriously. like a nutritionist or dietician, or maybe that pediatrician you visit for every cold? I do not hold the utopian idea that this is easy, but that's why we have professionals. Also, ever heard of walking the kid to school or even biking to school? Another way to have a healthy kid. My Mama made my lazy ass walk or bike to school every clear day.She also provided us with healthy snacks and a great example to follow (other than smoking in of all places the grocery store, man times have changed, and Mama quit 20 years ago, now)

Nah these suggestions are silly. Why shouldn't we let a clown, chiahuahua, and a blinged out royal set our tables every night? We can kill an entire generation's interest in good, decent food and then 20 years from now there will be no chefs, just idiots on Food tv interested in make up and wardrobe rather than mise en place.. (another rant another post another day) All those yummy dishes the parents eat once a year on their anniversary will be as extinct as foie gras at Trotter's. Another save me from myself, that whole foie gras thing. Drunk driving kills innocent people daily, but let's crack down on a foodstuff that has no real side effect to the driving ability of one who may consume it. Let the frat boys pickle their livers at underage parties but I can't eat the liver of multi purpose animal.

I will conclude by saying something is wrong with a world where Tony, Snap, Crackle and Pop and all our other non threating cartoon friends are worse than the Taliban and actually killing American children?

Stop the craziness. Take responsiblity for what you purchase and present to your kids. Don't get crazy and make them the wierd kid who never has had a Happy Meal. Let them be kids, but remember let yourself be the parent.

Ahh great to get that out. Thanks for joining me.


fiat lux said...

Don't get crazy and make them the wierd kid who never has had a Happy Meal.

Actually, I think that never giving kids a Happy Meal would be an excellent idea. Kids menus today are chock full of fried food; since when was that a good thing?

More apples and PB&J, less french fries and chicken fingers.

CarolinaGirl said...

I meant that it is a part of growing up. And by never, I meant Never ever. I do think that's just weird. Even if you are anti-corp, it could be used as ateaching tool. Compare and contrast Mom's variation of a burger hot off the grill to McD's... Now what would you chose? The safe, familiar delicious family burger that I helped mommy make or this creepy thing that doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before. Then viola! Your kid has been exposed to a part of our culture, and chose on his own the better, preffered choice.You have beyond done your job..
Thanks for reading!

Lloyd said...

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