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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I really don't care

I visit a blog I love on a daily basis. I am a fan of the blogger, and really enjoy the intelligent, and spirited comments that follow. Lately there has been alot of abuse on what is otherwise a pleasant spot. People really believe other readers enjoy their abuse of the comment button. I mean that's the conclusion I have come to. I have recently learned a new term, "clog the blog" and on my favorite, there seems to be a need for a little draino. I am sick of hearing about fellow student you feel are inept and then feel the need to defend your position.if you are inarticluate then maybe the written word is not your best forum.No need to experiment or waste my time.Waffling sucks! State your position and stick to it. I don't care about who you have supposedly met on, and I am sick of off topic posts for your personal pleasure. Yes, I like when you give us appropriate background that helps define where you are coming from, it gives perspective necessary to appreciate your posts. I do not care about your cat unless it can read and discuss what ever is relevant. I hate people who endlessly add comments one after another. Yeah, there are times when we all hit post only to realize further articulation is necessary. but come on! Gather your thoughts and don't keep coming back with one more thing...EVERY TIME you post. Also I have learned, if no one answers your comment, move on. It is not personal, just not on the forefront of other's minds. I have also heard about name changing. If you feel the need to change your name, consider why. Is a snappy new nom de plume gonna change the ass you are? Not so likely. to be honest, not many folks are fans of that tactic, and will catch on to an old jackass in a new dress. Also, if this is not clear, try to stick to the topic at hand. I do not need your resume unless you need a job from me. Then, if I can see crazy in your eyes when you come to drop it off, I probably won't need it then either! The bullying! UGGGGGH! I watched a very nasty incident last week where a legend in his own mind chose to basically harass a regular, appropriate contributor. he would not let her go. Jeez dude. If this guy really was as important to everyone alse as he believes he is, he should have been on part of his month long vacation, counting his dollars to ascertain that he had in fact hit 6 figures instead of putting down a smart confident relevant contributor. Humility gets people to the strata he described, not the assininity (a word my mama made up to describe another family member) he displayed.
If you need to say more than is appropriate on another person's blog, then get your own damn blog. I have a tendency to tangent, and that is why this very blog exists! It is my world, and I can go for miles without bugging anyone else. I am not trying to turn off any readers who stumble upon this blog, just being truthful.
This my friends is why I have my own corner of the internet. I am not gonna be the one they all hate due to my commandeering of someone else's blog. I can do that here and not come off as an ass. And you, gentle reader can tell me I am off base or dead on. But that's just it! This is my blog and you are here, listening to what has already been defined as rantings which by their very definition are not always reasonable.
Thanks for reading if you actually made it this far. I needed to purge myself of some thoughts that had been swimming in my head. I feel better, and hope you will add to this suggestion list. I know what bothers me, and seems to annoy others. How do you feel? What is your take on other posters behavior? What makes you need to rant?
Rant on y'all !!!!!


Deborah Dowd said...

I am with you on this. I check on a few such blogs myself, but don't spend much time there.This behavior only underscores what my mom told me, that class is something that money cannot buy. Self-importance is boring reading!

Bob del Grosso said...

I cannot imagine who or what you are writing about here CG. Funny how you think you can know someone and then realize that you cannot understand a word they are saying. What a life.
LOL Now I'm gonna get me some of that sweet tea, that I can understand!