This is my journey as I return to school and work in a profession I once dabbled in as a means for funding an after college 7 year long ski trip...not as a viable career choice. I hope I entertain, enlighten and learn something from any readers I may attract.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More about the girl behind the blog or why do this?

I must admit, I feel very self indulgent here. Why do I believe I am worthy of a read? What makes me so interesting? To be honest, I am vain and find myself just delightful, and then there is the real reason. I have chosen to write this blog more to get your feedback. I am not new to my chosen field, but I do know that my point of view is rosier than most. Why? Because I genuinely love my new path. I am excited to have found a career in which I can can actually express myself (once I actually strike out on my own...the goal of all this), and grow. Of course the instant gratification that accompanies an empty plate doesn't hurt either. I like to live in a world of concretes. Good/Bad Salty/Sweet Whatever. I don't like alot of grey area and in my kitchen, there is not much of one at all. Either dinner sucks or it is great. Okay is not okay.I must be great. School is a giant battle to me. I hate the B's I get in most of my more academic classes. I want, no need all A's. In my kitchen labs I do very well but I always want to be the best. Therefore, I need this rant because I genuinely believe that as I rant, my more experienced (and level-headed) fellow cooks will put me in my place. Gently, I hope. None the less, I do need grounding as we all do. I hope that I will get new prespective, and learn something. Don't be mistaken.... I will rant about the rediculous and mundane from time to time but I really hope to make y'all think and then in return you will make me think. I know that I have alot to learn and do, and I am fully aware that I have more dues to pay than a boy scout with a broke mom. I do not want this to be a place where I am the penultimate expert. So not the case. I just want y'all to join in the adventure and laugh with me as I laugh at myself. I think I see humor in things that are not funny, and I feel like I have the right to rant when sometimes that just is not the case. Either way...You will help me either fall on my ass or make this great. I hope everybody is ready, tomorrow I start a new job. I may not have a right, but chances are a good rant is in the works. After outlook is not that rosy.

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Rob said...

Well, this should be fun. I'm looking forward to following your adventures.