This is my journey as I return to school and work in a profession I once dabbled in as a means for funding an after college 7 year long ski trip...not as a viable career choice. I hope I entertain, enlighten and learn something from any readers I may attract.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Here we go

This is the beginning of what I hope will be an amazing companion to my everyday life.I am an extremely opinionated culinary student in my second round of college. My story is simple...I got to return to college as a wedding gift from my husband. He had watched me suffer at an extremely snobby private school where coaxing a "please" out of a child requesting something could lead to ruffled Mommy feathers. Lots of these women never realized I was alot like them at the same places, enjoying the same restaurants, even driving the same damn Mercedes.All I ever wanted was for the parents to be able to take their kids in public without flinching. I felt like I deserved a little respect.....Where to earn that since obviously shaping, nurturing, and teaching little minds is grounds to smile blankly with no recognition when we meet on the street? The aha moment. I had worked in kitchens during a stint out west. The kitchen is a great equalizer. I have worked with folks whose parents paid for CIA with a check, and folks that see a high school diploma as optional. The kitchen could be one of the last places you really have to walk the walk. Hot pans don't care who they burn and diners don't care of you go home every night to your trailer and smoke your mind. Truth is it doesn't matter. This is a level playing field. Show up on time, and do your job without bitching. It's go time and the only way (as I see it) to earn respect is to give it. My mantra is "keep your eyes open and your mouth shut" I hope to do this with grace but as I said I am extremely opinionated. Therefore instead of ranting at work or school, I will do it here. For the entire world to see. Oh man! I hope this is a fun ride, buckle up..........

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