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Saturday, August 4, 2007


It is approximately 5 million degrees here, and we are hungry. I really do not feel like "cooking" but we have to eat, right? Ahhhh, one trip to Earth Fare later and we are stoked about dinner. The easy way. Hans All Natural sausages are our favorite solution for the dinner conundrum. Delicious and easy to prepare, these amazing treats come in several varieties, my fave being Spinach and Feta. The Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic always makes it into the basket as it's the hub's fave. They come in so many flavors, surely anyone can find a favorite. For those seeking heat, I find the basil and sundried tomato recipe will do you right.They all go well with nearly anything, but usually, I whip up a pasta salad or some other easy side. Tonight it was a quick fettucine alfredo. Of course, the sausages can also be used in most recipes where sausage is an ingredient.We like to mix and match, and these sausages are priced right for even the most frugal among us to pick up a couple types. I am not sure about other places, but Hans also can be gotten from the butcher at Whole Foods and Earth Fare. This is great for the noncommittal among us as you can literally get one of everything so you can do some sampling and find your "flavor fit" The fresh (arriving frozen as one butcher let me know) sausages are slightly larger than those that are prepackaged, so an adjustment will have to be made for portioning. All in all, these sausages save me from spending time in the kitchen on hot days, and are great for a busy winter day as well. I highly recommend this easy delicious food to all, they are wonderful. Priced right, they are great for any budget and perfect for large or small groups of diners.

What has this got to do with the chef in training? I have garde manger in the spring, and this food makes me look forward to the charcuterie portion of the class so much more. The rant? I'm not sure my husband will like my links as much as he adores Hans.

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